Connect multiple search forms

Connecting multiple forms is not a big deal, simply follow these instructions and you’re ready to go:

1. When do you need to connect multiple forms?

Let’s say you want to create one search form for your homepage and another search form for your listing/map page. You also want to connect these two search forms so that when you submit a search request from the homepage, this one will redirect you to the listing/map page in which you want to list the search results. The listing/map page contains another extended search form with different search fields/options that will allow you to continue or to add more search criterias on top of the homepage search request.

2. What you need to do?

  1. Create your “Homepage”
  2. Create your “Listing/Map” page
  3. Create your “Homepage” search form (Let’s call it the “Simple search form”). While creating this search form, make sure to enter the URL of your “Listing/map” page in the field “General settings => Redirect URL”
  4. Create your “Listing/Map” search form (Let’s call it the “Extended search form”)
  5. Display the “Simple search form” in your “Homepage” using the shortcode
  6. Display the “Extended search form” in your “Listing/Map” page using the shortcode
  7. That’s it. Visit your “Homepage” and submit a search request to see how it works.

3. Bonus!

Following up to our previous example, note that you can connect the “Homepage” search form to many other search forms. You simply need to create all the search forms you need, display them in your listing/map pages, then, edit the homepage search form (the “Simple search form”) and enter the URL of all your listing/map pages in the field “General settings => Keep the search request when visiting other URLs”. It’s that easy.