How to update?

To update the plugin, do the following:

    1. Visit your downloads page on Codecanyon and download the latest version of the plugin.
    2. Go back to your website and click on the menu “Plugins / Add New”.
    3. On the top of your page, click on the button “Upload Plugin”.
    4. Upload the ZIP file you’ve previously downloaded and click on the button “Install Now”.
    5. Wait until you get notified by WordPress that the plugin already exists, then, click on the button “Replace current with uploaded”.

To get notified by email about new updates, visit your downloads page on Codecanyon and check the option “Get notified by email if this item is updated”.

We also love to hear what you think about the plugin and our customer service. Please take a moment to give your rating when visiting your downloads page on Codecanyon and by checking the stars next to the plugin’s name. We highly appreciate your time and input 🙂