Change the map fill color & holes style

To customize the map fill color and holes style, do the following:

  1. Edit a map
  2. Click on the menu “Map holes settings”
  3. Open the group field “Map fill color & Holes style”.
  4. Find the available options below:

1. Set the map fill color

The map fill color is the color used to cover the map.

  1. Choose a color in the field “Map fill color”.
  2. Choose the fill opacity in the field “Map fill opacity”.

2. Set the holes border style

Change the holes border style & opacity.

  1. Choose the holes border/stroke color in the field “Holes stroke color”.
  2. Choose the holes border/stroke opacity in the field “Holes stroke opacity”.
  3. Choose the holes border/stroke weight in the field “Holes stroke weight”.
  4. Choose the holes border/stroke position in the field “Holes stroke Position”.

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