Add new locations to the map

Before we start, these are few notes to remember

  • Each location in your map represents a (custom) post. Adding a new location requires that you create a new (custom) post!
  • A (custom) post will be displayed on the map as a marker/pin and as a new item in the carousel!
  • The title of a (custom) post will be displayed in the infobox title and in the carousel item’s title!
  • The excerpt of a (custom) post will be used as the content of the infobox and as the content of the carousel item that represents that (custom) post. If the excerpt of a (custom) post is not available, a portion of the (custom) post content will be used instead! It’s highly recommended to add an excerpt for your posts in order to avoid any display issues in case the content starts with a media (image, video, slider, etc…).
  • The featured image of a (custom) post will be used as the thumbnail of the infobox and as the thumbnail of the carousel item that represents the (custom) post! You may need to regenerate your images in this case #!

Now, let’s see how to add a new location to the map

1 – To add a new location, simply create a new (custom) post. For example, if you have connected your map with the post type “Posts”, you will add a new location by clicking on the menu “Posts => Add New”.

2 – Add a title, a content, an excerpt and a featured image to your (custom) post.

3 – Scroll down to the widget/area titled “Progress Map: Add Locations”. Once there, click on the menu “GPS Coordinates”. You have three options to add the coordinates (Latitude & Longitude) to your (custom) post:

3.1 – The first option consists that you already know/have the coordinates  (Latitude & Longitude) of your (custom) post. In this case, paste the “Latitude” in the field “Latitude”, then, paste the “Longitude” in the field “Longitude”. Once you do that, don’t click on any button! Now jump to the step 4.

3.2 – The second option consists that you don’t know the coordinates but that you know/have the full address of your (custom) post. In this case, paste the address in the field “Enter a location …”, then, click on the button “Search”. As a result, the map (below the search field) will move the marker to your (custom) post address. What you need to do next, is to convert that address to valid coordinates (Latitude & Longitude).

To convert the address to “Latitude” & “Longitude”, click on the button “Get Pinpoint”. The coordinates will be automatically pasted in the fields “Latitude” and “Longitude”. Once done, do not click on any other button! Now move to the step 4.

3.3 – The third option (introduced in version 3.5) consists that you use your current position. In this case, click on the button with the “Target” icon. As a result, the map will show a marker of your position on the map. To convert your position to valid coordinates (Latitude & Longitude), click on the button “Get Pinpoint”.

4 – If you want to distinguish your (custom) post on the map with a custom marker icon, click on the menu “Marker icon”, then, upload the marker icon by clicking on the button “Upload marker icon” in the field “Marker Icon”, otherwise,  leave that field empty and your (custom) post will use the default/custom marker icon set in the map settings.

5 – If you want to use this (custom) post to display more locations/markers on the map, follow the steps in the next section “Use one single (custom) post to add multiple locations on the map”, otherwise, move to the next step 6.

6 – Only now you can click on the button “Publish” to save your (custom) post. The post will be displayed on the map!

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