Use the StreetView image as the carousel items image

To use the StreetView image of your locations as the carousel items image, do the following:

Important! Please read the Street View Static API Usage and Billing before using this option.

  1. Go to your Google API Console and make sure to activate the API Street View Static API”
  2. Edit the file “functions.php” of your theme/child theme and copy/paste the following PHP code in it:

For more info about the StreetView image URL parameters, visit the developer guide.

 * Use StreetView image as the carousel items image */
function cspm_street_view_post_thumb($default_thumb, $post_id, $width, $height){
	$CSProgressMap = CSProgressMap::this();
	$post_thumbnail = $default_thumb;
	$latitude = get_post_meta($post_id, CSPM_LATITUDE_FIELD, true);
	$longitude = get_post_meta($post_id, CSPM_LONGITUDE_FIELD, true);
	$location = $latitude.','.$longitude;
	$size = $width.'x'.$height;
	$API_key = $CSProgressMap->api_key;
	$heading = 0;
	$fav = 0;
	$pitch = 0;
	$URL = ''.$size.'&location='.$location.'&heading='.$heading.'&pitch='.$pitch.'&key='.$API_key;
	if(!empty($latitude) && !empty($longitude) && !empty($API_key))
		$post_thumbnail = '<img src="'.$URL.'" />';
	return $post_thumbnail;
add_filter('cspm_post_thumb', 'cspm_street_view_post_thumb', 10, 4);

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