Fix the issue of infobox and carousel items content that is displayed as shortcodes

When your pages/posts content contains shortcodes, shortcodes that you added manually or those generated by a page builder plugin, you’ll see that the infoboxes and carousel items content displays these shortcode as they are (text format) and not converted. To prevent this issue, you’ll have to edit your pages/posts and add an excerpt for each of them. As mentioned in the post “Add new locations to the map” #the excerpt of a (custom) post will be used as the content of the infobox and as the content of the carousel item that represents that (custom) post. If the excerpt of a (custom) post is not available, a portion of the (custom) post content will be used instead!

With that being said, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Edit your page/post.
  2. Add the text to display in the infobox and carousel items in the field “Excerpt”.

Please note that you can automatically create a custom description for your infoboxes and carousel items. Check this post for more details.

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