Change the display layout

To change the position of the map and the carousel in your page, do the following:

  1. Edit a map.
  2. Open the widget “Progress Map Settings”.
  3. Click on the menu “Layout settings”.
  4. Choose a display layout from the options list “Main layout”. Note that the options “Full screen Map (Map only)” and “Full screen Map with carousel on top” requires that you have a page template that allows displaying fullscreen elements. You can’t use these two options in a fixed width or full width page templates but only in a page that doesn’t contain a header, menu and a footer!
  5. Choose a “Layout type”. Use the layout type “Responsive layout” only if you want to hide the carousel on mobile devices!
  6. To set a maximum width for the map & carousel, enter the maximum width (in pixels) in the field “Layout width”.
  7. To set a maximum height for the map & carousel, enter the maximum height (in pixels) in the field “Layout height”.