Shortcode Attributes

This extension doesn’t provide a new shortcode, but it adds new shortcode attributes that can be combined with “Progress Map” shortcode #.

“Progress Map, List & Filter” comes with the following attributes:

list_ext (optional)

Turn on/off the extension “List & Filter” on a specific map. By default, the plugin will use the value of the option “Activate/Deactivate” located in the metabox “List & Filter settings” to decide whether to turn on/off this extension.

Possible values are, yes or no

Example: [cspm_main_map id="55" list_ext="no"]

optional_latlng (optional)

Whether to show posts without LatLng coordinates in the list. Possible values are, true or false

Example: [cspm_main_map id="55" optional_latlng="true"]