Installing the plugin

To install the plugin, do the following:

The same installation approach works for all “Progress Map” add-ons/extensions!

  1. Visit your downloads page on Codecanyon and download the plugin by clicking on the button “Download“, then, select one of the following options:
    • “Installable WordPress file Only”: By clicking on this option, you’ll download the plugin’s installable ZIP file only. Once downloaded, skip to the step 2.
    • “All files & documentation”: By clicking on this option, you’ll download a zip file containing the plugin’s installable ZIP file (titled “codespacing-progress-map”) and other files like the file with the documentation’s link, the changelog file, etc… Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Go to your website administration and click on the menu “Plugins / Add New”.
  3. On the top of the page, click on the button “Upload Plugin”.
  4. Upload the plugin’s installable ZIP file (“codespacing-progress-map”) and click on the button “Install Now”.
  5. Activate the plugin.

Important: After installing the plugin, we highly recommend you to read the first steps # to understand how to use the plugin for the first time. Each step in the first steps’ guide is fundamental for a better use of the plugin.

It is also important that you update the plugin when a new version is available. Each new update will contain improvements, bug fixes and new features. However, to get notified by email about new updates, please visit your downloads page on Codecanyon and check the option Get notified by email if this item is updated” that you’ll find next to the plugin’s name and icon. To update the plugin in the future, check this guide #.