Translate using PoEdit

PoEdit is a software that you can use to translate themes and plugins to your local language. This is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users and can be downloaded from

To translate the plugin, do the following:

  1. Download and install the translations editor “PoEdit”.
  2. Open your website (if your website is online, use FTP) and create a new folder called “cs-progress-map” inside the directory “wp-content/languages/plugins”.
  3. Open the translations editor “PoEdit” and create a new translation by clicking on “Create new translation”.
  4. Locate the file “cspm.pot” of the plugin. You can find it inside the directory “wp-content/plugins/codespacing-progress-map/languages”.
  5. Choose the language you would want the plugin to be translated into. Once you have your language selected, you can now begin the translation by selecting a text/ligne in top area “Source text” and by manually entering the translation in the area “Translation”.
  6. Once finished translating the file, save it inside the directory “wp-content/plugins/codespacing-progress-map/languages” by clicking on “File / Save as…”.
  7. Make sure the format of your file is “cspm-language_code. For example, if you are translating to spanish, the file format should be “cspm-es_ES.
  8. Click save. Now “PoEdit” will automatically generate .po and .mo files for you.
  9. Copy/Paste (upload using FTP if your website is online) these two files (for example, “cspm-es-ES.po” and “”) to the directory “wp-content/languages/plugins/cs-progress-map”.
  10. That’s it. You’ve successfully translated the plugin.

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