Upload media files (video, audio, images, …) of your post/location

Note: This feature has been first introduced in the version 3.5!

The plugin provides the possibility to upload media files of your locations. Media files will be popped up when a user clicks on the location marker on the map. You can use this feature to display an image gallery, video, audio playlist and many more. Check the list of all supported services http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds.

To upload media files, do the following:

  1. Add/Edit a post/location.
  2. Scroll down to the widget/area “Progress Map: Add locations” and click on the menu “Format & Media”.
  3. Select the post/location format. The format “Standard” which is the default format for all new posts, means that no media will be displayed when clicking on this post/location marker on the map. The format “Gallery” will display an image gallery. The format “Image” will display a single image. The format “Audio” will display & play an audio file. The format “Embed” will display a video, audio playlist etc… The format “All” will display all the uploaded media files at once.
  4. For the format “Gallery”, upload multiple images by clicking on the button “Upload Image(s)” in the field “Gallery”.
  5. For the for format “Image”, upload a single image by clicking on the button “Upload Image” in the field “Image”.
  6. For the format “Audio”, upload the audio file by clicking on the button “Upload audio file” of the field “Audio”.
  7. For the format “Embed” paste the URL that should be embedded in the field “Embed URL”. It could be the URL of a video from Youtube, Vimeo and any other supported service.

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