Display posts by custom field(s)

To display posts/locations associated with certain custom field(s), do the following:

  1. Edit a map.
  2. Open the widget “Progress Map Settings”.
  3. Click on the menu “Query settings”.
  4. Scroll down to the section “Custom fields parameters”.
  5. Click on the group field “Custom field 1”.
  6. Enter the key/name of the custom field in the field “Custom field key/name”.
  7. Enter the value(s) of the custom field in the field “Custom field value(s)”.
  8. Select the custom field type in the select list “Custom field type”.
  9. Select the compare parameter to test the custom field value(s) in the field “”Compare” parameter”.
  10. To add a new custom field, click on the button “Add new custom field”.

To find the custom field name, edit one of your (custom) posts, once the edit page opened, click on the link Screen Options” located in the top-right corner of your page. A window will be displayed; make sure to select the option “Custom Fields” (Note: If you can’t find this option, you should contact your theme support to show you how to add it!). After selecting that option, scroll down and you’ll find a metabox/widget titled “Custom Fields”. In this metabox/widget, look for the custom field you want to use and copy the name that you’ll find in field “Name”.

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