Build a faceted search to filter posts on the map

The plugin provides the possibility to filter all locations on a map. The filter (faceted search) will be a list of taxonomy terms where each term is related to certain locations on the map. By selecting one or multiple terms in the filter, the map will show/hide the locations based on the selected terms. To build a faceted search, do the following:

  1. Edit a map
  2. Open the widget “Progress Map Settings”.
  3. Click on the menu “Markers categories settings”.
  4. Select the option “Yes” in the field “Markers categories option”.
  5. In the field “Taxonomies”, select the taxonomy/category that you want to use to indentify your locations.
  6. Click on the menu “Faceted search settings”.
  7. Activate the faceted search on your map by selecting the option “Yes” in the field “Faceted search option”.
  8. By selecting an option in the field “Faceted search display status”, you can choose whether to open the filter once the map is fully loaded or not.
  9. In the field “Categories” (Note that the name “Categories” may vary based on the taxonomy you’ve already selected in “Markers categories settings => Taxonomies”), select the terms you want to use in the filter. You can change the display order of the terms in that same field!
  10. In the field “Check/Select term(s) on map load”, choose whether you want to automatically check/select certain terms once the map is fully loaded. When set to “Yes”, once loaded, the map will automatically filter the locations.
  11. If you’ve choosed to automatically filter locations on map load, then, choose the terms to check/select in the field “Select the term(s) to check/select on map load”.
  12. In the field “Multiple terms option”, choose whether you want to allow filtering locations based on multiple taxonomy terms or based on a single taxonomy term.
  13. In the field “Drag the map”, choose how to display the locations after a filter request. You have the possibility to show all locations at once, or to jump to the first location in the result, then, you can use the carousel to navigate through the map to see the other locations.
  14. To cusomize your filter:
    1. Select the checkboxes/radio buttons style in the field “Checkbox/Radio skin”.
    2. Select the checkboxes/radio buttons color in the field “Checkbox/Radio skin color”.
    3. In the field “Faceted search button image”, upload your custom image to use in the faceted search button.
    4. Change the background color of the filter by modifying the color in the field “Category list background color”.

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