Update the .PO file after plugin update

When a new version is released, the .PO file must be updated as well. To update the .po file, do the following:

  1. You need to install the software “PoEdit” in your computer. “PoEdit” is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users and can be downloaded from poedit.net!
  2. You must have a copy of the latest version of “Progress Map” in your computer. Make sure to download it from “Codecanyon”, then, unzip it!
  1. Open your website in your FTP client (e.g. “Filezilla”).
  2. In your FTP client, go to the directory “wp-content/languages/cs-progress-map”.
  3. Download your custom .po & .mo files (for example, “cspm-es-ES.po” and “cspm-es_ES.mo”) in your computer/desktop.
  4. Edit the .po file (for example, “cspm-es-ES.po”) with PoEdit.
  5. In “PoEdit” menu, go to “Catalogue” and click on “Update from POT file”.
  6. Select/open the file “codespacing-progress-map/languages/cspm.pot” (the copy of “Progress Map” in your computer!). The file is now updated!
  7. Translate the new strings & save the changes #.
  8. Once finished translating, upload your custom .po & .mo files (using your FTP clien) to the directory “wp-content/languages/cs-progress-map” of your website.

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