Shortcode: [cspm_streetview_map]

This shortcode will display the StreetView map of the current post viewed by the visitor. It detects the current post and display its position on the map.

The shortcode [cspm_streetview_map] supports the following parameters:

post_id (optional)

One or more post ID to display on the map. If no post ID is available, the map will use the ID of the current post/page where you use this shortcode.

Example 1: [cspm_streetview_map]

Example 2: [cspm_streetview_map post_ids="1"]

center_at (optional)

The center point of the map. Enter the Latitude & Longitude of the center point or enter the ID of the post on which the map will be centered.

Example 1: [cspm_streetview_map center_at="51.510879,-0.117813"]

Example 2: [cspm_streetview_map post_ids="1,2,3,4,5" center_at="1"]

zoom (optional)

Define the zoom of the map (from 0 to 19).

Example: [cspm_streetview_map zoom="13"]

width (optional)

The width of the map in pixels or in %.

Example 1: [cspm_streetview_map width="100%"]

Example 2: [cspm_streetview_map width="500px"]

height (optional)

The height of the map in pixels or in %

Example 1: [cspm_streetview_map height="100%"]

Example 2: [cspm_streetview_map height="500px"]


Whether to hide the map when the post to display on it doesn’t have coordinates or to show an empty map. Possible values are yes or no. Defaults to yes.

Example: [cspm_streetview_map hide_empty="no"]

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