Add holes on the map

Map Holes is a feature that allows to mask the whole map and highlight only specific areas of interest. These areas are called “holes” and they can represent a city boundaries, a continent, a street, etc… Be creative!

To add holes on your map, do the following:

Step 1:

  1. Edit a map
  2. Open the widget “Progress Map Settings”.
  3. Click on the menu “Map holes settings”.
  4. Select the option “Yes” in the field “Map Holes option”.

Step 2:

  1. Scroll down to the section “Map holes”, then, click on the group field “Hole 1” (or click on the button “Add new hole” if this is not the first map hole).
  2. In the field “Hole visibility”, select the option “Yes”.
  3. Enter the hole name/title in the field “Hole Label”.
  4. Enter the unique name/key/ID of the hole in the field “Hole ID/Name”. Do not use the same name/key/ID for multiple map holes on the same map!
  5. Specify the hole points type in the field “Hole points type”, then, draw the hole using one of these methods:
    • 1st Method: Draw a hole by connecting multiple posts already available on the map:
        1. In this field, select the option “Post IDs”.
        2. In the field “Hole Path (Post IDs)”, select the posts that will be used/connected to form the map hole. You should at least add 3 posts!
    • 2nd Method: Draw a hole by providing the “lat,lng” coordinates:
        1. In this field, select the option “Lat,Lng”.
        2. Open the group field “Hole Path [Lat,Lng]” and enter or paste the hole coordinates in the field/textarea “Hole coordinates” by putting each line segment (LatLng) as [Lat,Lng] or [lng,lat] seperated by comma. For example, [45.5215,-1.5245],[41.2587,-1.2479],[40.1649,-1.9879]
        3. Select the coordinates format in the field “LatLngs order”.
    • 3rd Method: Draw the hole in the plugin settings:
        1. In this field, select the option “Lat,Lng”.
        2. Open the group field “Hole Path [Lat,Lng]” and draw the map hole. All the inscructions you’ll need to use the drawing tool can be found under that field. Read the insctructions and start drawing!
  6. To add a new hole, click on the button “Add new hole”, then, repeat the steps above.

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