How does the feature nearby points of interest works?

The plugin provides the possibility to find all nearby points of interest of a post/location on your map. It supports all place types allowed by Google Maps. These are the steps to follow to find nearby points of interest on your map:

  1. Open your frontend map page.
  2. Select a location on your map by clicking on its related marker. Once you click on the marker, a green message will be displayed on the top right corner of your map informing you that a new location has been selected and can be used to display nearby points of interest.
  3. Click on the button  to open the list of all available place types.
  4. Select a place type from the list and/or select a travel type (Driving, Transilt, Walking & Bicycling). Once you select a place type, the map will start looking for nearby points of interest of that location. New markers will be displayed on your map surrounded by a circle, each marker represents a point of interest. To display the info about a point of interest, click on a marker (for example, ). The map will draw the route to that point and an infobox that contains the details (Name, Travel time, Distance & Directions) will be displayed on top of that marker.
  5. To display more or less results, resize the circle that surrounds your markers.

This feature can also be used with the user location. When you enable the Geotargeting option in your map, a user can share their position and start to find nearby points of interest of their location. To do that, all they need is to click on the marker that represents their location, then, follow the above steps (3 to 5).

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