Build a custom title from custom fields for the list items

By default, the plugin displays the posts title in the list items, however, you can specify what to display in the list items by building your custom title structure from custom fields. To build your custom title, do the following:

  1. Edit a map
  2. Open the widget “List & Filter Settings”.
  3. Click on the menu “List items settings”.
  4. Scroll down to the field “List Item Title”. In this field, create your title structure by providing the custom fields names to use. You must put each new element (custom field, separator) you add in the title between brackets. Below is the list of all elements you can use:
    • Custom field: The custom field name. To add a custom field, enter its name like in this example: [custom_field_name].
    • Separator: An element to use to separate between each element in the title. It could be a word, a slash, a comma, a dash or else. To identify a separator in your title structure, you need to put it between brackets, but unlike the custom field, the first bracket must be followed by the term s=. The letter s refers to the word “separator” and the signe = refers to “is/equal”. Here’s a usage example: [s=,]. In this example, the separator is a comma ,. Here’s another example that uses the separator as a label [s=My Field: ].
    • Empty space: To add an empty space between two elements in the title, simply add [-] anywhere you want to add a space.
    • Finally, to specify the size of your custom title, use the term l which refers to the word length. Here’s a usage example: [l=100].  In this example, we specify the size of the title to 100 letters (including empty spaces!). Note that the lenght must be the last element to add to the title structure! To display the whole title, simply don’t specify a lenght!

Let’s summarize all the above in two examples.

Name: Jhon smithAge: 29Sexe: M

[s=Name: ][user_name][-][s=|][-][s=Age: ][user_age][-][s=|][-][s=Sexe: ][user_sexe]

Open House3 Baths, 2 Beds, 14 Tottenham Court Road, London

[property_type][s=,][-][property_beds][-][s=Baths, ][property_beds][-][s=Beds, ][property_address][l=60]

*Make sure there’s no empty spaces between ][

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