Custom fields search

The custom fields search tool allows you to find posts/locations by custom fields. To add a custom field to the search form, follow these steps:

  1. Edit your search form
  2. Click on the menu “Custom fields search”
  3. If you’re about to add your first custom field, click on the group field “Custom field 1”, otherwise, click on the button “Add new custom field”
  4. In the field “Label/Title”, enter the title of your custom field (e.g. “Price”)
  5. In the field “Custom field name”, enter the custom field name. Please note that you can’t use the same custom field multiple times on the same search form!
  6. In the field “Description”, enter the custom field description
  7. In the field “Display type”, select a field type
  8. Open the group field “Field parameters”. Each field type has its own parameters. Edit the field parameters to your needs
  9. Open the group field “Query parameters”
  10. In the field “”Compare” parameter”, select the operator to test with during the search request.
  11. Change the display order of the custom field values by selecting an option in the field “Orderby parameter”
  12. Select the order option in the field “Order parameter”
  13. To show the custom field in your search form, select the option “Yes” in the field “Visibility”
  14. To add another custom field, click on the button “Add new custom field” and repeat the steps from 4 to 13
  15. Scroll down to the field “”Relation” parameter” and select the relationship between all your custom field
  16. Save your search form once finished

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