The aim of the extension “Advanced Search” is to boost up your website with powerful & professional tools that allow you to build advanced search forms that let your website visitors find the posts/locations they’re looking for on your site. You can create as many different search forms as you like!

The plugin provides various search functionalities that allows to search within Post Types using Taxonomies, Custom fields, Keywords, Publish Dates and Periods. Results can be sorted by Dates, Titles and Custom field values. All these functionalities can be combined into one search form!

To create search forms, the plugin cames with a unique form builder solution that let you build forms with different layouts and styles. Just be cerative, the possibilities are just limitless!

Search forms can be connected. In other words, you can – for example – create a simple search form in your homepage with just an address field and a sortby field and once submitting a search request, the homepage search form will redirect you to the listing/map page that also contains another extensive search form with more search fields and options allowing you to refine results recursively. The homepage’s simple search form will be a start for a big search form!