Add a new field to the form

You can extend the form by adding new fields. To add a new field to the form, follow these steps:

  1. Edit your map
  2. Open the widget “Submit locations settings”
  3. Click on the menu “Add/Edit custom fields”
  4. Click on the group field “Custom field 1” if it’s your first custom field, or click on the button “Add new custom field” if you’ve previously added custom fields to the form.
  5. In the field “Name”, enter the custom field unique name.
  6. In the field “Label”, enter the custom field label/title that should be displayed in the form.
  7. In the field “Description”, enter the custom field description.
  8. Choose where you want to display the custom field by selecting a tab in the field “Display location (Tabs)”.
  9. To make the custom field required for submission, select the option “Yes” in the field “Required?”.
  10. To display the custom field on the form, select the option “Activate (visible)” in the field “Visibility”.
  11. Choose the custom field type in the field “Display type”.
    1. For the types “Multicheck”“Radio” and “Select”, you can add the field options using one of these methods:
      1. If you were using this custom field in the paste and that you want to display the values already saved in the database, select the option “Get custom field options/values already inserted in the database” in the field “field options?”.
      2. If you want to add new options, select the option “Create new options” in the field “field options?” and add the options in the field “Options”.
    2. For the types “File” and “File list”, specify the file types to upload by selecting one or more option in the field “Allowed mime types”. You can also sepecify the maximum number of files to upload for the type “File list” in the field “Maximume number of files”.
  12. To add another custom field to the form, click on the button “Add new custom field” and repeat the step 5 to 11.