Create a new form

To create a new form, follow these steps:

  1. Edit your map
  2. Open the widget “Submit Locations Settings”

Part 1: Edit the form settings:

  1. Click on the menu “Form Settings”
  2. Choose who can submit new locations to your map by selecting an option in the field “Activate only for logged in users?”.
    1. By selecting the option “Yes, only logged in users can submit locations”, only logged in users can submit new locations to your map. You can then choose the roles of the logged in users that can submit locations by selecting their roles in the field “Allowed roles”.
    2. By selecting the option “No, all visitors can submit locations”, anyone that visits your website can submit new locations to your map.
  3. In the field “New locations status”, choose the new submitted locations status. For example, if you trust your visitors and that you want to instantly publish their submitted locations, you can select the option “Publish”.
  4. Choose the form template in the field “Form template”. The plugin provides two form templates. The option “Tabbed/Multi-page form” can be used to split your form into multiple sections using tabs. The option “One page form” can be used to display the whole form.

Part 2: Set up the default form fields

By default, a new form will contain all the necessary fields to create a new location and submit it to the map. The form will be similar to the one you use to create a new post from the administration area. You’ll find the title field, content field, excerpt field & featured image upload field. In addition, you’ll also find all the fields that “Progress Map” provides to add a new post/location to the map.

The plugin allows you to activate and/or deactivate any of these default fields. You can also change a field name/label and make it required for submission.

To change the default fields settings, following these steps:

  1. Click on the menu “Fields settings”. In this area, you’ll find all the default fields.
  2. To make a field required for submission, edit the field and select the option “Required? => Yes”.
  3. To deactivate a field, edit the field and select the option “Visibility => Deactivate”.
  4. To change the text displayed in the submit button, edit the field “Submit button” and change the text in the field “Text”.