Protect the form with reCaptcha

To protect the form with reCaptcha, follow these steps:

  1. Edit your map
  2. Open the widget “reCaptcha settings”
  3. Select the option “Yes” in the field “Activate reCaptcha”
  4. Get your site key from reCaptcha and paste it in the field “Site key”
  5. Get your secret key from reCaptcha and paste it in the field “Secret key”

In order to use reCaptcha without errors, you must enable the functions “allow_url_fopen” and “allow_url_include” in your php.ini file! Scroll down for more details

How to get reCaptcha “site key” and “secret key”

Check this page for detailed info about how to get reCaptcha keys.

  1. Visite reCaptcha website and click on the button Get reCaptcha.
  2. Enter your site’s domain(s).
  3. Select Invisible reCAPTCHA.
  4. click on the button Register. You’ll now have your Site Key (public key) and Secret key (private key).

How to enable “allow_url_fopen” and “allow_url_include” functions in your server

If you don’t know what to do, you should contact your host provider!

  1. Edit your php.ini file.
  2. Find the function “allow_url_fopen” and edit its value to “On”. allow_url_fopen = On
  3. Find the function “allow_url_include” and edit its value to “On”. allow_url_include = On