Review new submitted locations before publishing them on the map

To review new submitted locations before publishing them on the map, do the following:

  1. Edit your map
  2. Open the widget “Submit Locations Settings”
  3. Click on the menu “Form settings”
  4. In the field “New locations status”, select the option “Pending” (“Pending” means that a post is ready for someone else to approve and publish it)
  5. Save your settings

By doing the above steps, all new submitted locations will not be displayed on the map until an administrator approves them. Once approved, they’ll be automatically displayed on the map.

When a visitor submits a new location, they’ll see a thank you message informing them that their new post has been submitted and is pending review by a site administrator.

How to approve new submitted locations?

To approve new submitted locations, do the following:

    1. List your locations. For example, if you’re using your post type “Posts” with your map, click on the menu “Posts => All posts”.
    2. Click on the menu “Pending” to filter locations.
    3. Edit your pending location/post by clicking on the menu “Edit” located under the location/post title.
    4. Review the location/post content and coordinates, then, click on the button “Publish”.