Add taxonomies to the form

You can extend the form by adding taxonomies. To add a taxonomy to the form, follow these steps:

  1. Edit your map
  2. Open the widget “Submit locations settings”
  3. Click on the menu “Add/Edit taxonomies”
  4. Click on the group field “Taxonomy 1” if it’s your first taxonomy, or click on the button “Add new taxonomy” if you’ve previously added a taxonomy to the form.
  5. In the field “Taxonomy”, select the taxonomy to display on the form.
  6. In the field “Label”, enter the taxonomy label/title that should be displayed in the form.
  7. In the field “Description”, enter the taxonomy description.
  8. Choose where you want to display the taxonomy by selecting a tab in the field “Display location (Tabs)”.
  9. To make the taxonomy required for submission, select the option “Yes” in the field “Required?”.
  10. To display the taxonomy on the form, select the option “Activate (visible)” in the field “Visibility”.
  11. Choose the taxonomy display type in the field “Display type”.
  12. To add a new taxonomy, click on the button “Add new taxonomy” and repeat the steps 5 to 11. Please note that you can use the same taxonomy multiple times on the same form!

Hint: You can use a plugin like Custom Post Type UI to add/create new custom taxonomies for your (custom) post type, then, use these taxonomies inside your form!